Stanton Glantz Grilled

Stanton Glantz grilled by Regulator Watch

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Professor Stanton Glantz, ardent opponent of vaping, has engaged in the first interview (that I know of) by a vaping supporter. Brent Stafford questioned Glantz over a 10 minute Skype session for his show, and the video (part 1) is available on Youtube Glantz’s cites three main reasons for his opposition to vaping: He believes they are 40 to 60% safer than …


Public Health England calls for more support for vapers

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A leading UK public health official has called for more support for people using “the number one quit aid – vaping devices” ahead of the annual “Stoptober” event, urging a rethink of policies in light of the recent re-evaluation of the risks and effectiveness of vaping products. Professor Kevin Fenton, director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England made …